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Where Every Step Counts

At GWT, we're more than just a syllabus

We're a movement in tap dance. Our engaging, comprehensive syllabus and rewarding examination process are designed to be exciting to teach and easy to implement in your studio. We're committed to enriching lives through tap, making it accessible and enjoyable, and helping you create outstanding dancers.

Your complete program

Our tap dance program is expertly crafted across individual levels, forming a comprehensive curriculum that caters to dancers of all ages and abilities. From the youngest Novice enthusiasts to your showstopper elite dancers, our syllabus offers a complete tap dance experience. It's designed to be adaptable, allowing teachers to integrate it seamlessly with their unique teaching styles. Whether you're a seasoned instructor or just starting out, our program ensures you can deliver top-notch tap dance education with confidence.


Step-by-Step Mastery:
Our Progressive Tap Syllabus

Our 3-Level Bundles in the tap dance syllabus are crafted to ensure a solid foundation in technique while keeping learning engaging and enjoyable. Each bundle covers a spectrum of levels, guiding students through their tap journey with skilful, enjoyable routines and combinations.

Voices of Triumph: STUDIO SUCCESS Stories

MICHELLE HEINE Legs Performing Arts
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After growing up in a syllabus then teaching it for over 15 years, it was a huge decision to change to another syllabus. But changing to Glenn Wood Tap was the best decision I have made. The exam procedure is such a breath of fresh air and students feel calm, relaxed and happy. And it just so happens, we have produced incredible tappers along the way! Forever grateful!!
KYLIE BANNISTERElite Dance Academy
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I have been teaching GWT Syllabus since 2007 and I love it! The syllabus is great. It’s so varied with barre work, combinations, corner work and routines – giving dancers plenty to work on and achieve. My students love doing GWT tap exams. The examiners are always friendly and positive, making the students want to come back year after year.
KATE VALDEZCaper School of Performing Arts
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We love the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus and it has been an integral part of our tap training since 2005. The Syllabus was so easy to implement and our students have responded very well to how the technical components of tap dancing are broken down in a way that is easy to learn, then it is all put together in exciting combinations of choreography that enables our students musicality and performance quality to shine. Each year our students look forward to their tap exam which is seen as a milestone and celebration at our studio. However we also use the syllabus for students not participating in tap exams as it ensures they receive structured progression in tap. GWT inspires a love of tap dancing in our students that is a gift they can keep for life. We would recommend GWT to any studio owner wanting to reinvigorate tap at their studio or who are interested in ensuring their students receive the best training in this genre.

THE GWT EXAM process

Where Learning Meets Celebration

Our exams are more than just assessments; they are celebrations of progress and skill.

Stress free

Allowing students to focus on performing


Helping the students overcome fear and perform at their best

confidence boosting

By creating an exam of peers and mentors

love for the tap

Creating a warm, friendly environment, allowing each student to showcase their full potential.


Kate Rodwell

Operations Manager


Discover more about our innovative approach to tap dance education. At Glenn Wood Tap, we're dedicated to nurturing talent and passion in every dancer and teacher.

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