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The GWT exam process is enjoyable and rewarding
for both students and teachers.

Exams are encouraged but not compulsory.

The year’s course work prepares students for the exam process – so there are no last-minute panic classes and no stress placed on the students.

Goal setting is an important element in the learning and development process. Exams help enable students to see the rewards of their hard work and provide them an acknowledgment of their achievements.

Glenn Wood teaching

The GWT Exam Experience is unique!

All GWT examiners are professionals in tap dance – with extensive experience as performers and entertainers, studio teachers and owners.

Each exam is fun and our examiners are very hands-on. We interact with students during the exam, ensuring each student can show their full potential, providing students with the encouragement and enthusiasm to continue learning.

My students love the exams, so it’s not unusual for them to walk out of an exam and exclaim “that was so much fun!” I’m also extremely proud to be a GWT examiner. As examiners we are instructed to create an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and encouraging for exam participants, while also requiring correct execution of skills in terms of marking.
GWT examinations are an absolute pleasure. Conducted in a friendly, happy environment, every student comes out feeling confident and proud of themselves. From beginner to advanced students, this syllabus caters for all levels.
The GWT exam procedure is such a breath of fresh air and students feel calm, relaxed and happy! And it just so happens, we have produced incredible tappers along the way! Forever grateful!!