THE GWT EXAM process

Where Learning Meets Celebration


 ●  Steven McRae (Skimbleshanks in “Cats” the movie)  ●  Bayley Graham (winner of TVNZs “60 Seconds”)  ●  Steven McRae (Skimbleshanks in “Cats” the movie)  ●  Bayley Graham (winner of TVNZs “60 Seconds”)  ●  Steven McRae (Skimbleshanks in “Cats” the movie)  ●  Bayley Graham (winner of TVNZs “60 Seconds”)

Celebrating Achievement

At Glenn Wood Tap, we believe that examinations should be more than just a test of skill; they should be a celebration of progress and a rewarding experience. Our examination process is not compulsory, but a highlight of the GWT Syllabus, designed to be as enjoyable as it is educational.

The GWT Exam Experience

All GWT examiners are professionals in tap dance – with extensive experience as performers and entertainers, studio teachers and owners.

Each exam is fun and our examiners are very warm and welcoming. We interact with students during the exam, ensuring each student can show their full potential, providing students with the encouragement and enthusiasm to continue learning.

A Positive and
Rewarding Approach

Our exams are more than just assessments; they are celebrations of progress and skill.


Helping the students perform at their best

confidence boosting

By creating an exam of peers and mentors

love for the tap

Creating a warm, friendly environment, allowing each student to showcase their full potential.

Exam Testimonials

Carol KnoxMarlborough Tap Studio N.Z
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All my students love GWT exams. They are very relaxed and every student is made to feel confident and stress free. All candidates are addressed by their first name, they sit and watch other members of their group perform and applaud each other for their hard work.
The syllabus is challenging, both musically and technically. As a non-tapper, I work very hard to learn from the videos and teach from easily explained notes. When I have a query about syllabus or music, I always get a very quick response! As a “mature” teacher, I am so proud to be part of Glenn Wood Tap where I always feel accepted and encouraged.
JessicaSBDS Dance and Cheer
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From the first time walking into the exam room as a 5 year old to sitting my level 13 exam, every examiner has been warm, encouraging and have gone on to be some of my biggest supporters in the industry. Whilst my time with GWT may have given me some cool new tap steps to show off or a multitude of certificates, the syllabus is really so much more than that. Learning the GWT Syllabus and participating in exams gives young dancers confidence that translates into all aspects of life, from walking into a job interview, heading off to university, going for an audition or teaching a class of their own, GWT students have the confidence to hold their head high and make their mark on the world, both in dance and in life.