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How often do you conduct exams?2019-09-21T16:09:09+10:00

We examine all throughout the year. Just send us an email with a couple of dates you have in mind.

We will allocate you a date and an examiner depending on availability of the examiners.

Are exams compulsory?2019-09-21T16:09:52+10:00

Exams are encouraged but not compulsory. We work closely with you to make your exam day a success.

We recommend exams once a year – an excellent opportunity to assess student progress with the syllabus.

To enter the GWT Scholarship, students must have done their exam.

What is the GWT Scholarship?2019-09-21T16:09:04+10:00

The GWT Scholarship is an annual event designed to provide students to showcase their tap ability.

The Scholarship focuses on students mastering their solid tap technique, with all work being performed from the syllabus.

No fancy costumes, no elaborate choreography. A pure scholarship showcasing tap ability and scholarship prize winner money going to dance tuition.

The criteria:
• Students are learning the GWT syllabus.
• They have completed a GWT exam in the previous year.
• Student enrolments to be completed by their studio/teacher.

For more details and a scholarship enrolment application please complete the form on this page.

What back-up for teachers is available?2019-08-19T15:47:41+10:00
  1. Annual teacher workshops with Glenn and the examiners.
  2. Specific teaching tutorials via video.
  3. Individual studio workshops with selected examiners.
At what level do I start teaching my students?2019-08-19T15:47:32+10:00

The GWT syllabus is ability based, rather than age based.

Introduce students to level 1 and work through until you find the level that is comfortable but still challenging for your students.

It’s essential that “pick-ups” and “trebles” are under total control from level 4 onwards.

How do I start teaching the GWT Syllabus?2019-09-21T16:10:59+10:00
  1. Once you receive your GWT syllabus, watch the downloadable video and skim through the menus to ascertain an overview of the syllabus.
  2. Begin with level 1 handbook and correspond it to the downloadable video, working through the syllabus level by level.
  3. Attend the next Teacher Workshop in your area.
How do I purchase the Syllabus?2019-09-21T16:01:11+10:00

Go to the GWT Online Store and select the Syllabus you would like.

You can choose to purchase a Single Level, a Bundle of 3 Levels or the whole Syllabus of 9 Levels.

You can also purchase the GWT Adult Syllabus comprising 7 Levels.

Your downloadable files will be sent to you as soon as payment is received.

Alternatively, give us a call or send an email for further information.

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