In addition to the personal encouragement students receive during their tap classes, it is important that milestones in their tap dancing studies be recognised formally. This provides students with a sense of achievement and motivates an attitude of working towards a goal. Exams aren’t just important at school, they are essential in dance too. But why are these exams so important? Glenn Wood from Glenn Wood Tap shares insights into why tap students should all be participating in annual examinations in order to gain maximum benefits from their training and in life for the future.

  1. Ensures discipline and correct technique

    Tap dancers require a great amount of discipline not only to learn their dance theory, but working hard in class to reach the technical requirement of each grade level. Following a syllabus and performing in an examination situation encourages correct learning and implementation of tap dance skills.

  2. Sets a benchmark

    The examination structure provides students with a measurable level for them to work towards. Examinations are a memorable experience and present an opportunity for students to be critiqued and evaluated by professional dance master examiners on a yearly basis.

  3. Chance to use their skills

    Exams give students an excellent opportunity to show off their skills in a friendly and safe environment. They encourage the development of strong technique, artistry and most importantly instil strong moral character, and value for excellence.

  4. Demonstrates progress

    An examination gives parents physical evidence regarding how their children are progressing. Parents can essentially check out their investment and monitor how their child is specifically progressing through their tap dance journey.

  5. Valuable addition to their CV

    Especially for teenagers, by participating in annual tap dance exams provides an excellent record to be included on their CVs and resumes when applying for a part time job. As dancer’s progress to higher levels, the students will achieve not just certificates but possible memberships to recognised dance organisations in the world.

  6. Introduction to performance reviews

    In the current workplace today, structured performance reviews are a regular occurrence for majority of employees. Examinations offer an easy and non- threatening introduction to “performance reviews” that will be valuable for when the student does join the workforce.

  7. Cost effective

    Glenn Wood Tap aims to keep exam fees as reasonable as possible – and there’s NO extras for special uniforms, shoes, etc.

  8. Goal setting and self esteem

    Goal setting is an essential element in the learning process and development. Tap exams help enable students to see the rewards of their work and provide them with acknowledgement of their achievements. Achieving a goal also heightens self-esteem and encourages respect and teamwork.

  9. It’s fun!

    The most important reason is that examinations are fun! Each tap exam is fun and exhilarating for the students. Glenn Wood Tap exams provide students with the encouragement and enthusiasm to continue learning.

  10. Sense of accomplishment and character building

    The examination process encourages each and every student to work harder so they may achieve their best personal potential. Examinations help students to build a stronger character, integrity and lasting moral values for their future.

    Exams are a rewarding experience – an opportunity for your child to demonstrate their ability and be recognised for their personal achievement. The Glenn Wood Tap exam process is enjoyable and worthwhile for both students and teachers. Help us to make your child’s dream of being a dancer one step closer every year through their participation in examinations.

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