Glenn Wood Tap

The Number One Tap Syllabus in Australia – taking the world by storm!


Tap Dance Syllabus for Studio Owners

The GWT Tap Dance Syllabus is exciting to teach and easy to implement into your studio to help you create dancers that are second to none.

After growing up in a syllabus then teaching it for over 15 years, it was a huge decision to change to another syllabus. But changing to Glenn Wood Tap was the best decision I have made. The exam procedure is such a breath of fresh air and students feel calm, relaxed and happy. And it just so happens, we have produced incredible tappers along the way! Forever grateful!!

MICHELLE HEINE, Legs Performing Arts

I have been teaching GWT Syllabus since 2007 and I love it! The syllabus is great. It’s so varied with barre work, combinations, corners work and routines – giving dancers plenty to work on and achieve. My students love doing GWT tap exams. The examiners are always friendly and positive, making the students want to come back year after year.

KYLIE BANNISTER, Elite Dance Academy

The GWT Syllabus helps dance studios teach a smooth and engaging style of tap dance – building a solid foundation of dancers.

And for dancers? Put simply – it ensures that you will leave your mark, wherever you tap in the world.

The steps, routines and combinations are fluid, relaxed and enjoyable to dance.

The GWT Tap Dance Syllabus is a complete program.

Comprising of 9 individual levels that combine to create a complete tap dance program to cater to all dancers – from the youngest tapper to your showstopper elite dancers.

Each level contains:

  • Individual steps
  • Combinations
  • Routines – performance quality
  • Barre activities
  • Turning technique activities

The GWT tap syllabus is a fabulous and refreshing way to teach tap dancing. We have had GWT at Jayz Dance Company for over 10 years and are so impressed with the technical and beautifully lyrical tappers we have produced. Examinations are an absolute pleasure. Conducted in a friendly, happy environment, every student comes out feeling confident and proud of themselves. From beginner to advanced students this syllabus caters for all levels.


JACKIE HEPBURN, Jayz Dance Company

We have been using GWT for over 10 years now and Glenn and his team have been a huge support. We have been lucky to have Glenn work with our students individually to ensure a successful tap program at the studio. The easy process of booking exams, having questions answered and having the support you need is always appreciated in the busy life of a studio owner. We cannot recommend GWT highly enough!

ROBYN PARRAS, Rock the Block Dance

Glenn Wood Tap is an exciting syllabus that is fun for teachers to teach and students to learn. The sensible and efficient graduation from one level to the next makes it easy for both teachers and students. GWT is a modern, fast-paced and exciting syllabus which also offers a relaxed atmosphere, making it extremely enjoyable.

JOCELYN IDE, Select Dance Co.

The unique GWT Syllabus launched into the tap scene in 2004, after 6 years of research and development.

  • Designed for Teachers to offer a Complete Tap Program, from Baby Tap to the most advanced dancers
  • Streamlined to work with your personal teaching style
  • Founded on solid technique
  • The steps, routines and combinations are fluid, relaxed and enjoyable to dance
  • A teacher at any level of experience can start teaching from the get-go
  • Students of all levels are immersed from lesson 1 into an excellent technique
  • Offers the most enjoyable exam process your students will participate in!

When I was looking to challenge my students with a new tap syllabus, I gave GWT a trial. We loved it and loved what it had to offer our students. The steps all have a progressional build throughout the levels which makes teaching the work fun and logical. The students really enjoy the challenge of the turning steps and speed sections.

Rosanna CastellanaROSANNA CASTELLANA, Promenade Dance Studio

Empire Dance Company has been using the GWT Syllabus for the last 5 years. Our students have adapted to the style and love the progressional growth with this syllabus. With fun and caring examiners, our students feel relaxed and confident when heading into the exam room. We have seen students’ confidence grow from the learning experience they receive both in the class and exam rooms.

Examiner Okiwi HawkinsOKIWI HAWKINS, Empire Dance Company

As a full-time dance teacher, I’m passionate about teaching the GWT syllabus for many reasons. The techniques instilled in learning this style encourage safe dance practice, the choreography creates well rounded dancers instead of just technicians and the development of fast turning exercises/combinations give it that ‘wow” factor.

Kate RodwellKATE RODWELL, Kate Rodwell Dance

We have been using the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus for the past few years and have experienced exceptional results. Our students are progressing at phenomenal rates year on year and are developing as rhythmical tap performers. The examination process is encouraging and serves to develop young dancers into artists.


The GWT Syllabus has been a very rewarding experience. Having put so many students through all grades over 15 years, every one of them loved the positive vibe in the room and connection with the examiners. All commented “wow that was fun”, “so different to what I thought it was going to be. And the examiner encouraged us if we made a mistake, so we didn’t feel like they were putting us down”. Our students’ confidence was boosted, which is so important and the marks are so encouraging that everyone felt valued.


Purchase and Download Instantly

Purchase the GWT Syllabus and you can start tapping instantly! Your Instant download includes:

  • Video for each level containing all barre, combinations, corner and routines.
  • PDF workbook for each level written in easy to read as you teach terminology.
  • MP3 for each level with all the music required for class accompaniment and exams.